Letter: PlanET Not Associated with United Nations

On behalf Plan East Tennessee (PlanET), I would like to respond to a letter to the editor from May 30, entitled "Sustainability Planning = Treason?"

Talking about an international conspiracy does nothing for real local issues. PlanET is not associated with the United Nations. We're not talking about the U.N. We're talking about rolling up our sleeves and getting to work on the issues East Tennesseans want to talk about and interest them. They're the ones leading this process; it's their values and ideas. Acting on those will yield beneficial results across our communities, because what will emerge are homegrown solutions to things like job creation, housing affordability, and transportation options. We can work toward a better future in the region, or we can talk about something that doesn't exist. I'm in favor of the first, I don't know about you.

Plan East Tennessee is a partnership of local residents, nonprofit representatives, business leaders, city/county officials and planning and transportation experts in Anderson, Blount, Knox, Loudon, and Union counties.

For more information about PlanET, go to: planeasttn.org. While you are visiting the website, share your ideas too!

Mayor Tom Beehan

City of Oak Ridge