Letter: Pie Vomit

I recently read Jared Hill's editorial post in your magazine and gave it my time to critique his competing comic. ["Horrible Comics," Letters, Oct. 20, 2011] I have one thing to say: It is absolute cow urine—excessive and disgusting. The comics are too long and the font is too small. As a busy college student, I don't have time to read many lines of text. I expect to be amused and delighted by the comics I read in Metro Pulse, like a small child when he gets a lollipop on a Sunday morning after church, giggling on my way to Organic Chemistry. This can only happen if the comics can slyly and smoothly amuse me, and too many words fail to achieve that. And seriously? His comic included a pie that throws up on people. Now, every time I look at a pie, I'll imagine it throwing up all over me. I will never eat pie again. Thanks a lot, Jared.

Now, I'll hand it to him. He spoke his mind and is entitled to his opinion, and honestly, this is a clever way to try to apply for a job at Metro Pulse. But if his comics are included in this magazine, I will not be able to stand reading it anymore.

Fadi Saleh