Letter: Pet Profiteering

It's with dismay that I browse your classified ads and continue to see ads for dogs and cats for sale.

In a metro area that euthanized 7,241 animals in 2012 alone (source: Young Williams Animal Center website), how do you justify providing a marketplace for breeders to peddle their wares—more dogs and cats to add to the chronic over-population problem?

Is the Metro Pulse so in need of a couple of bucks from these classified ads that they are willing to "look the other way" as people continue to profit from the misery of so many animals in our area?

Every day purebred dogs and cats are destroyed because there are not enough homes for them all. The myth that pedigree animals are not in shelters has been thoroughly debunked.

A simple Google search of "(breed of choice) rescue Knoxville / Southeast" will demonstrate how many thousands of people are trying desperately to save the lives of purebred animals that helped pay the mortgage for their breeder and yet ended up in a shelter, or worse.

Please show some compassion and get with the changing times. Profiting from the breeding of dogs and cats in an area with such high euthanasia rates is immoral. Please reconsider this policy.

Gina Farmer