Letter: Pedestrians Unite!

I have read with great interest the warring letters between the driver and the cyclist. While both have valid points, it is the cyclist that is perhaps the more flagrant offender of the two. Cyclists tout "share the road," but the majority fail to obey traffic laws, and lawlessness impacts pedestrians.

Examples? Currently, there is a cyclist illegally crossing the Henley Bridge—even though it is expressly posted that the structure is NOT open to bicycles or pedestrians. Cyclists blow throw red lights, fail to observe stop signs, weave in and out of traffic, travel in the wrong direction down one-way streets, whip around pedestrians in the crosswalk, and impede on pedestrian right-of-ways when they ride on sidewalks—oft times causing the pedestrian to have to step off the sidewalk for them to pass.

Working downtown, I see these almost every one of these violations every day. But to be fair, many drivers blatantly speed—ignoring posted limits, tail gate (NOT the good kind), lane jockey, fail to come to a complete halt at stop signs, and run red lights. In short, both offenders could do with a course in the rules of the road because their casual disregard impacts pedestrians.

Terry Caruthers