Letter: Participation Kills Tyranny, Not Guns

We must acknowledge that our state is facing a crisis of maturity. Tennesseans are pushing through more laws to abuse the antiquated Second Amendment on the basis of Hollywood fueled daydreams where the good guy always wins without anyone getting hurt. Gun geeks gush on about gun mechanics and semantics with the nerdy abandon of Trekkies detailing the inner workings of the Starship Enterprise, believing they have a mature understanding of violence that others lack. Don't these posers know that when guns allow a 20-year-old crackpot to kill 26 of society's most valued members in less than 20 minutes, we're going to need more than bumper sticker sayings to justify their irresponsible pastime? Tennessee gun owners are capable of putting away their fatal toys and acting like grown men and women. I can't wait to see the joy on their faces when they discover that active participation in their government and their communities will ensure freedom from tyranny far better than their poorly regulated militias ever could.

David Hall