Letter: Pagan Dance Party!

Let me be the first to congratulate the City of Knoxville for its brave stand in support of downtown fertility cults.

The City of Knoxville has formally endorsed phallic fertility cults and is showing incredible bravery and dedication to the concept by placing that huge monument on Gay Street obviously created for phallic fertility cult rituals.

We all need to join together and show support for this apparently growing new addition to the Knoxville religious community.

To show this support with the City of Knoxville for phallic fertility cults, I am organizing a naked pagan dance party and inviting our new neighbors from that apparently growing community to join us around the statute in the full moon and howl at the gods with them.

Please join the Facebook event called "Knoxville Fertility Cult downtown party."

It's the least we can do. The city had to use a crane to put this unmistakable icon of some lost pagan tribe from the depths of Europe on Gay Street—as citizens, the least we can do is show the courtesy to tear off our clothes, drunk, and dance naked around it all night during the fall equinox.

Y'all come!

Chris Irwin