Letter: Padgett Item Not Newsy

Metro Pulse ran an article entitled "Donor Annoyed by Mark Padgett's Late Fund-Raising" on August 24. [That was the online version; it appeared in print in Ear to the Ground, Aug. 25, 2011] I'm curious why the Metro Pulse omitted the name of the alleged donor—perhaps because the story is bogus? Regardless, even if the allegedly disgruntled "big contributor" to Padgett's campaign actually exists, the issue is hardly newsworthy.

Most spending occurs in the few weeks just before voting—not during the summer months when everyone is enjoying the longer days and vacation time. I would expect a "big contributor" to know this about campaigning.

The real story behind Mark Padgett's fund-raising ability is that he successfully delivers a message that people like. Mark Padgett's vision for the future of Knoxville has propelled him from an unknown to the fund-raising leader. It also provides a glimpse of how Mayor Mark Padgett will govern Knoxville once elected: SUCCESSFULLY.

R. Bentley Marlow