Letter: Outdoors Inspiration

I am so proud of the city I live in and so lucky to be surrounded by such beauty. I live on a farm that was started by Elijah Perry back in the late 1700s or early 1800s. I've lived in Knoxville since first attending the University of Tennessee in 1976. I am so proud Mayor Rogero and Mayor Burchett are leading Knoxville so skillfully. Tim and Madeline could teach our U.S. leaders a thing or two. Their political beliefs are as divergent as you can possibly get. Yet, they work together to keep Knoxville going and growing in these economically troubled times. If only leaders in Washington, D.C., Europe and the Middle East could work together as well as these two do—what a better place this world would be!

I would also like to say "Bravo!" Metro Pulse on the "Outdoorsland" cover story [by Matthew Everett, Oct. 10, 2013]. Yes, yes, yes! Work on the public landings for small boaters on the Holston River. Focus particularly between Nance's Ferry landing and the Holston Park below Boyd's Bridge on the Holston. One does not know how many miles that stretch of water runs (because TVA, et al never bothered to survey the river miles on the Holston)—I just know it's a few days' worth of paddling between the two points.

This summer I was lucky enough to kayak with friends the entire stretch of the Holston River from the Cherokee dam to downtown Knoxville. It would not have been possible without kind farm friends along the way. There is an old Civil War bridge along the way that hardly anyone knows about. Tim, Madeline, Jack [Neely], come go paddling with me and my friends. The sheer beauty will take your breath away. On one good series of floats, you, with your hospitable ways, could open up this river to a whole new generation of kayakers.

I will send you some pictures of the river I hope you enjoy. There's one spot, I'm not saying where, that has trout so dense, you have to push them aside with your paddle as you make your way through. I thought I was seeing things but my fly fishing friend Marsha had to do the same thing. I will probably keep that spot secret till I have a chance to throw a line in the water....

Clifford Honicker,

Manager, Swan Pond Farm