Letter: Open Letters to Open Letters Part 1

Dear Knoxville Car Driver,

If you expect me to "share the road" with you ["Bike Messenger," Letters, Oct. 17, 2013], I expect you to stop discharging endless amounts of green house/cancer-causing chemicals into the air that we all have to breath.

I'm constantly having to come to a stop, wasting my own bio-energy, out of fear of being crushed to death by your dragon-like steel beasts of death. As a bicyclist, I am powered mostly by vegetables from my own garden (and a small amount of ice cream), while you are powered by petroleum byproducts whose use causes the mosaic of dangers we are all familiar with. We the people are tired of it! Stop!

The blue basket bicyclist (please don't run me over, I gotta get to work),

Shaun Scenard