Letter: Now and Loud

Ya gotta hand it to those Tennova folks. Few can keep up with them when it comes to tap dancing. The same Florida-based folks that closed Baptist Hospital and want to close what was St. Mary's Hospital now want to build out west. ["Tennova vs. West Hills: Round 1," Daily Pulse blog post by Jack Neely, July 9, 2013] And dance for us.

Regarding their often repeated need for 110 acres for their new profit center:

- Florida-based Tennova representative Ms. Robinson stated repeatedly they needed a 110-acre site and that is why they had to locate in this ill-conceived and poorly accessible site.

tap, shuffle

- Tennova's Nashville architect Rowland stating only 1/3 of the site will be needed and used.

tap, tap, shuffle, spin, spin, flip, tap, tap, bow

- Tennova's lawyer stating "only for the purposes of this rezoning" do they agree to not ask for it all to be rezoned. I know I only imagined that he winked.

Regarding a small impact:

- Florida-based Tennova's Nashville architect stated the highest building will "only be seven stories."

tap, shuffle, shuffle

- The same architect proudly showing how easily the entire project can be expanded vertically. (That is already built in. This is anticipated and planned for. Their overly tall structures will be getting taller and taller.)

shuffle, tap

Regarding the emergency room:

- Florida-based Tennova representative proud of having one of the busiest emergency rooms in the city (the one they will be closing).

tap, tap

- Tennova stating their emergency room will not be a busy one (the one they will be building).

shuffle, shuffle, tap

- Tennova Nashville architect showing how the emergency room can be quickly and efficiently expanded.

tap, shuffle, shuffle, tap

- Tennova building a heliport they claim they "will not use much" to service said emergency room.

spin, spin, tappidity tap, flip, shuffle, spin, spin

- Tennova's moving the heliport from the field where horses are to where the people are because it has been found in past unsuccessful efforts to locate hospitals with heliports that the loud sounds cause the horses to panic and run into fences. The horses are protected. We were, too, until those protections were stripped away.

If we do not protest this project now and loudly we will not be heard over the sound of those crisp Florida dollars. This is an injustice to North Knoxville and West Knoxville—and will be forever if not stopped.

Tom McDaniel