Letter: Not Republican Enough

I disagree that East Tennessee is a Republican stronghold. ["Back For More" by Paige Huntoon, Oct. 4, 2012] There is a pretty good amount of Democrats in office, but most get elected as "Republicans." Hence the term, Republican In Name Only (RINO). When you look at the voting history of these past and current elected Republicans, you find Democratic voting in primaries and/or current philosophies. Knoxvegas is a company town and its main product is government/bureaucracy. Pretty much the vast majority of these elected officials (but not all) are in the same big business of growing bureaucracy, whether they classify themselves as Democrats or Republicans. That is a big problem for citizens of our great community and especially for those true conservatives and libertarians who are always disappointed in their "Republican" elected representatives who are located throughout in local government, the state capital, the governor's mansion, Congress, and the White House (since Jan. 1989 when President Reagan left office).

Bill Johns, MBA, MPA

Knox County