Letter: A Motley Crew

I enjoyed Frank Cagle's critique of churches and the Republican Party and, in fact, welcome their impending irrelevance. ["None of the Above," Frank Talk, Oct. 18, 2012] Unfortunately, a lot of harm will be done in the meantime.

The Republicans are already irrelevant because they are leaderless. The party pros have surrendered to a motley hash of racists, climate-change deniers, sexists, homophobes, xenophobes, and all-purpose nut cases. The "Southern strategy" has been a huge success. God help us.

Take a ride into the country north of our enlightened city, travel the hollers and hills; hear a fellow citizen, in casual conversation with another white person, refer to our first African American president using the N-word. See the crudely produced billboard near the interstate proclaiming that Obama is a "socialist." (Now, I know socialists, and believe me, Obama is not a socialist. In fact, he quickly purged the only real socialist from his inner circle.)

No one can predict where the nastiness and nutsiness will lead, but it is not reassuring to see Donald Trump mugging on the late-night shows, Cheney in the wings plugging endless war, and our very own Stacey Campfield up and coming in Nashville.

Jerry Bone


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