Letter: A Mother's Love

When using the road, bikes are required to follow the same traffic rules as motor vehicles. I can't tell you how many cyclists I've seen in downtown Knoxville running redlights and stop signs, or how many I've almost hit. I'm going to feel bad when I strike a biker (gross vehicle weight less than 300 pounds) with my car (gross vehicle weight more than 3,000 pounds), but not nearly as bad as their mom will. Frankly, I think at this point it is not a question of if, but when, there is a fatality involving a cyclist on the streets of our fair downtown.

I might feel less bad about it if the guy who has to be the object lesson for everyone else is the same one who darted around a construction dumpster on Union while going the wrong way, nearly hitting me head-on, and then topped it off by flipping me the bird. But then his mom probably doesn't love him anyway.

Share the road people.

Seth Bowman