Letter: Milk Myths

In the June 7 Metro Pulse, Frank Cagle lamented that low-income moms may give their children soda instead of cow's milk because cow's milk costs twice as much. ["Food Shopping," Frank Talk] I say GOOD! Cow's milk is NOT a healthy drink for children or adults. The dairy industry has done a remarkable job of convincing us that we need to drink the milk of cows in order to stay healthy. But the opposite is true. If you look at the correlation between osteoporosis and hip fractures and dairy consumption, you will see that the countries with the highest dairy consumption have the highest rate of osteoporosis and hip fractures! In the countries with the least consumption (like China), osteoporosis and hip fractures are not a big problem. Humans do not need to drink the milk of cows or any other species. Also, it is unnatural for any species to consume milk past infancy. We. Do. Not. Need. Milk!!!!

Anna Jones

Lenoir City