Letter: A Memory of Marie

My barber, Roc Bernard of Rocky Top Barber Shop, called me yesterday and told me about finding Marie Wilson's story in the Metro Pulse, and I told him "I know her." He also told me that my aunt is in it. Penny Jay is my aunt on my father's side. I have known Marie since my childhood. I did not know about every detail I read about her. I spent summer vacations from school in Nashville anywhere from two to six weeks with Aunt Penny, Uncle Bill, and Gran. Marie was a frequent visitor, and she was Aunt Penny's best and closest friend. While returning to base from leave during my Navy career, I was unexpectedly grabbed as Dad and I walked through the door of the Trailways bus station. When I looked up and saw who grabbed me I saw Marie Wilson, and we hugged. She was returning to Nashville and I was returning to Charleston. She was disappointed that I was not riding the bus to Nashville with her. A story well done, Mr. Neely!

Jerry Adams