Letter: McClung Memories

I was born in 1946 into a local construction family business and grew up in that business. I am now 67 and retired but read Metro Pulse every week. I have just finished Jack Neely's article re: McClung ["A Hard Lesson," cover story, Feb. 13, 2014] and found it very well done.

When I turned 16, I was the designated "gofer" for the company and had the opportunity to spend numerous hours in the sales room of C.M. McClung's and at the counter where the baskets would arrive from many floors above via a roller conveyor system, which was a marvel. The whole system worked very efficiently and it was a lot of fun to experience. The baskets, large and small, would wind up on the loading dock and I never had to touch the items to be loaded. Try that today at Lowe's or Home Depot!

I have been involved in the construction business now for over 51 years and as time passed, I have never experienced a better-run supply source than McClung's. It was like a local Sears or Marshall Field's without shipping. My hope is that you will continue your Secret History work and give all of us the meaningful insights that allow us to appreciate KnoxPatch as only we can.

John Grigsby