Letter: Masks Face-Off

I work downtown and I, like so many other Knoxvillians, thoroughly enjoy the downtown atmosphere: the events, the music, the food, and the arts.

Due to a city ordinance that bans wearing masks in public, two performers were made to remove their masks during the Farmers' Market recently.

I understand that it's a legality, but it seems to me that it's one that needs to be reevaluated to allow for such things as performance art.

These guys were certainly doing no harm and it seems, to me at least, that everyone enjoys their presence. As a city that does such a good job of promoting the arts, this was kind of like using a shotgun to swat a fly, in my opinion.

There's also a city ordinance that bans sitting on a downtown sidewalk but when there's a parade, different story.

So if masks are banned in public and the ordinance is going to be enforced 100 percent, I suppose Halloween is gonna be a no-go, right?

Joe Messer