Letter: Making Connections

Congratulations on a couple of great points made in articles in the June 13 issue. In "Clang Went the Trolley," Michael Haynes suggests a trolley that would connect the center of the city with the Old City and Volunteer Landing. Yes, yes, yes! These are all great areas to visit, but as he said, the terrain makes it very difficult to walk from one to another.

"The Artful Dodge" by Holly Haworth—several things. Art in Public Places is a great program to have in downtown Knoxville. I, too, while in Chattanooga, ventured down streets I would not have otherwise gone down just to look at the artwork on the sidewalks, and as a result went into local shops and made purchases. "The Oarsman" is a very significant work at the corner of Church and Gay Streets and needs to have a descriptive plaque with it to identify the name of the work, the year, and the artist David Phelps. The treble clef situation in the Tribute to Country Music Park—the monument needs to have something in the space where the treble clef was to represent that the whole park is dedicated to the beginnings and development of country music in Knoxville, the "Cradle of Country Music."

Thank you for those two articles. There are many great aspects of Knoxville to be proud of.

Paula Johnson

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