Letter: A Lover of Curious Mysteries

Last Saturday morning I found two keys in a Metro Pulse box, tucked into the middle of a stack of Metro Pulse magazines.

The box was located near the corner of Union and Walnut. The Tree & Vine (which sells gourmet olive oils and vinegars) is near this intersection as well.

One of the keys looked like a motorcycle key—it had a black rubber grip with Bell on it. One key may have been to a mail box or something.

I placed the keys nearby with the cashier at the Tree & Vine, as their hours of business would make it easier for someone to retrieve their keys. I could have given them to the police (sometimes they are riding on motorcycles in the area), but thought this might be a better way to solve the mystery of the lost keys.

Maybe we could ask Metro Pulse readers to help us find the owner of the keys?

I would love to know the story of how the keys ended up inside the box under the Metro Pulse magazines, and whether the rightful owner retrieves them.

Melanie Deaderick