Letter: Looking For a Vision

I'm 40 years old. I lived in Austin, Texas, for 5.5 years then moved to Knoxville nine years ago. I just recently was made aware of "Keep Knoxville Scruffy" and looked up this article today. ["Keep It Scruffy, Not Puffy," letter to the editor, Jan. 26, 2012] I'm a prime example of a college grad who landed a decent-paying job here and have seen and enjoyed the gradual evolution of the revitalization of downtown in real time. I love all the local restaurants, bars, and venues here to enjoy local and major music and other acts. I see a lot of East Tennessee character here. I want to disagree and/or find a way to agree with your assertion: "Find a way for all the citizens of the community to enjoy downtown, not just the people with money to spend on food, drinks, movies, and music (paraphrase)." This article lacks examples of what you want for all citizens. I see free music and festivals all the time here downtown, and actually am saddened to see Sundown in the City not existing in the Square this year. Market Square is quintessentially unique and should be utilized much more.

I'm sure your examples are visionary, I just don't know what examples describe your vision, but I would love to know.

Dustin Jones