Letter: The Local Sports Mafia

University of Tennessee football coach Derek Dooley is getting the job done despite the local media. I haven't seen the hometown scribes show their south ends this well since they tried to run off Archie's boy with the 1994 QB controversy. It seems like every niggling blurb created since the Kentucky embarrassment points to when the Vols will replace Dooley. UT football has been going downhill for over 10 years. Vince Lombardi couldn't fix it in two-three years. It will take much longer in this field of giants (SEC) we live in. Replacing the head coach would not be a smart move for UT. Talking the idea in the media is dumb and dumber. A certain daily writer ragged on Dools for losing six assistant coaches this year. Alabama just hired their fifth assistant coach. Should they fire Saban? I challenged the daily to print a list of all 14 SEC teams and how many coaching changes each had. I'm still waiting.

It bothers me that only a small number of local sports media overlap and fill all of the TV, radio, and written word positions in this burg. Opinion instead of facts are the rule. Knowledge is lacking. Inbred statements from this small circle of sports mafia fan the flames in the Big Orange Nation. They are the only outlet we have for sports info and they know it. I can appreciate why Dooley is curt with the media. They are not held responsible for their non sequiturs or the trouble they create. In fact, I think they like it.

Methinx it is time to make UT fans realize that cleaning house (assistant coaches) every few years is healthy for a team, especially one that is rebuilding. And may I suggest that cleaning house in our local sports media would be good for all of us.

Woody English