Letter: Literary Thanks

On May 8, Literary Rounds: Where Medicine Mingles with the Muse garnered its first standing-room-only crowd since the series launched in April 2012.

Many thanks are due.

Thanks to Midpoint columnist Stephanie Piper for volunteering her time and her talent to the Literary Rounds series.

Thanks to Metro Pulse editor Coury Turczyn for his praiseworthy May 2 Spotlight feature regarding Ms. Piper's reading at Literary Rounds.

Thanks to all attendees—especially those who comprised Ms. Piper's devoted readership over several years.

Literary Rounds is an author series held at the University of Tennessee's Graduate School of Medicine's Preston Medical Library. The event takes place monthly on the second Wednesday at 4 p.m.-5 p.m.

Thanks to all—Ms. Piper, Mr. Turczyn, and audience members—for deepening my experience of community. Thanks to each of you for helping Literary Rounds grow.

Donna Doyle


Preston Medical Library