Letter: Let's Call It East Towne!

Drop the nonsensical "Knoxville Center" moniker and get back to basics. East Towne Mall was a thriving location that was allowed to whither on the vine.

Very few people ever admit to wanting to shop in the wretched cesspool of West Knoxville, but there really are few other options these days.

I don't believe the mall experience is dead. I believe developers (and their elected co-conspirators/representatives) have merely discovered another opportunity to siphon off taxpayer dollars to fund further urban sprawl (Turkey Creek, Mountain Grove, Sam Walton Way at 441, et al) and this expansionism is only going to end up creating more big-box vacancies in the long-term.

I believe we need to a total reversal of our current taxation policy. Developments contributing to urban sprawl should face higher taxation to discourage such destructive endeavors while existing urban economic zones should be rewarded with lower tax burdens for maintaining/upgrading developed areas.

David Allan Howard