Letter: Knoxville's a Beaut

Well, way to go Jack! Your article, "Turning the Corner," gave me hope! [Secret History by Jack Neely, May 22, 2013] Saying it was well written is an understatement. I have often wondered if the citizens of Knoxville noticed that we are living in 2013, not 1955. Knoxville is a beautiful city and more than anything, I want it to be that "appealing place" because this is where I live! I do try to care for my property, pick up trash, and generally be a responsible person—and if I "spoil the curve" for everyone else that's okay.

I was very encouraged by your thoughts and it is so refreshing because politicians hardly ever talk about this. I believe it is an untapped well that would appeal to a lot of people, and we would all benefit from their new-found emphasis. Let's all "do the right thing" and make Knoxville the city that complements the natural beauty of our area.

Tim Totten