Letter: Knox Composts Lives!

Thanks for calling Metro Pulse reader's attention to the dearth of urban compost pickup service in Knoxville. Since April 2013, Knox Composts has been composting residential food scraps in the downtown area and giving compost back to community gardens and subscribers. In a previous Metro Pulse article, Knox Composts was described as "a new program that allows residents and small businesses in Knoxville to recycle their organic food scrap waste for a modest fee and get composted soil back in return."

Knox Composts values our community's commitment to urban composting as a part of urban agriculture and recognizes the desire for sustainable urban development. Knox Composts works because our partnerships with city residents and green businesses helps to support community gardens, which through diverting their compostable waste from landfills, directly encourages home gardening and increases local food access in the neighborhoods we serve. Committed residents who desire alternative waste options and who are willing to support the environment through reducing, reusing and recycling food waste are the number-one reason that Knox Composts has been so successful in the first six months of business. Thank you to all our subscribers for their continued support.

Daniel Snider