Letter: Knowledge of the Intent

This is a response to the letter called "Boxes Within Boxes" [Feb. 21, 2013]. Sir, you must be a product of the current education system. The 17TH Amendment was passed in 1912 changing the election of State Senate from State Legislators to popular vote. The purpose of senators being appointed by the state legislators was for the states to have a voice in the federal government, and the senators were beholden to the states. Not some special-interest group on the other side of the country. Don't believe me? Just look at the source of their campaign funds today. If the senator of the state voted for some bill that would hurt their state, he could be replaced. No more unfunded federal mandates! The Congress represents the people in the legislation. The Senate represents the states. You elect the state legislation that elects the state senator. Now your vote for state legislator becomes very important. Here's a good test: Give your state legislator a call at home. Then call your U.S. senator at his home.

You could say that the states no longer have the power they had in the beginning thanks to a Republican named Lincoln. In the beginning, each state was a sovereign country called a state joining together to form a Union of Countries. Called the United States of American. The Constitution was document written by sovereign people representing sovereign states placing restrictions on the federal government, not limits on the people. If you did not like the laws in the state you were living and could not get others to see it your way, you could vote with your feet and move.

I for one fully support Sen. Frank Niceley as a U.S. senator and I would vote for a state representative that tells me that is the way he would vote. If you would sit down and talk with Sen. Niceley you could understand his knowledge of the intent of the Founding Fathers. As a farmer, he is a man that has signed the front of a check, not only the back.

Remember this one thing: In 1912 the same progressive government that passed the 17th Amendment also passed the 16th Amendment (1909) that gave us an income tax.

How's that working for you?

John Letterman