Letter: Join the Permaculture Ranks

I'd like to raise a hardy apple cider vinegar shot to Frank Cagle's kids for returning to Knoxville to practice permaculture on the family farm. [Frank Talk, June 14, 2012] As Frank pointed out, we can make a better situation out of a bad economy. We just have to have the right attitude. Permaculture has a meme: "The problem is the solution." For example, if you lose a house, and move in with family, you can gain a community. If you have rotting logs, you can have good soil. If you have a hill, you can have a gravity fed water system. We are a clever species and its time we team up with the wisdom of nature. Like many around the world, Frank's kids have figured out that we can work with nature/life and not against it, and both come out healthier and happier. There are a growing number of folks in Knoxville trying to "make lemonade out of lemons" and sharing our experiences within the Knoxville Permaculture Guild. Please join us.

Chad Hellwinckel