Letter: The James White Parkway Challenge

[In response to Michael Kaplan's letter to the editor, "Regretful Adventures," Jan. 10, 2013:] TDOT did its job: It offered three solutions and one no-build option. Should the no-build option be selected I'm sure they will put those 40-year-old plans back into storage while continuing to affix bandages to the Chapman Highway corridor.

I merely challenged our elected representatives (and anyone else) who opposed the completion of the James White Parkway to offer their own solutions to this decades-old problem. To date I've not heard, nor has anyone offered, a reasonable alternative to completion of the parkway.

Cheerfully encouraging TDOT "to showcase its creativity and engineering skills by taking on the continuing problem of how to modernize and improve our existing transportation infrastructure" is not a solution. TDOT has stated, repeatedly, that it is virtually impossible to improve Chapman Highway due to costs and logistical constraints.

The mere fact that a bike club managed to rally their members to a public hearing does not constitute "considerable public opposition," but you are free to believe as you wish.

I believe the growing populations along the Knox/Sevier County line that must rely on Chapman Highway almost daily far outnumber those that oppose this project and I believe they are making the bigger investment in South Knoxville/Knox County.

David Howard