Letter: Jack Neely's New Errata

It was good to read Jack Neely's comments about what promises to be a beautiful exterior restoration of the UT Conference Center (formerly Rich's and Miller's). ["Errata, Etc." Secret History, Sept. 1, 2011] Part of the credit for this work has to go to Knox Heritage, which included this building in its 2007 "Fragile 15" list.

A few annotations are in order, though. The architect of record was the Atlanta firm Stevens and Wilkinson who won an American Institute of Architects Honor Award in 1957 for the building design. The landscape architect was Eckbo, Royston & Williams, and the interiors were created by the great industrial designer Raymond Loewy. Those interiors were obliterated when UT adapted the building for use as a conference center.

Michael Kaplan

Professor of Architecture, Emeritus