Letter: It's Obama's Fault

The Boston bombings were very tragic. It has caused many to have anxiety on the future of our society and country. Well, it seems to me that the more a country ignores good tried-and-true principles and good morals and values, it's no wonder that tragedies like Sandy Hook Elementary and Boston happen. Those with watered-down morals and values are constantly looking for ways to indulge selfishly in whatever they choose to do but don't think of or understand or care of the consequences. Consider these issues: the pill, abortion, gay marriage, taking God out of most of society, legalizing marijuana, sexual exploitation, cellphone and food addiction, letting kids run the family or having little self-reliance and little self-discipline.

On the other side, people with good morals and values are to be chastised for not speaking up to defend their position and just sit idly by and watch the decay happen. Quite frankly, I never thought a country that was founded on freedom principles and Christian principles would ever be in this bad of shape. Our "leader" of our country doesn't lead, he continues the blame game. A true "leader" solves problems through bringing people together, not by dividing people. College used to be a place to question authority and your upbringing to discover yourself but now it seems to be more of a way to make money their god and ignore common sense and also learn "what can the government can give me" attitude. The youth of the past used to have protests on what they felt was wrong with our country, now the youth seems to fall in line with political correctness rather than wanting to correct our politics. It's sad but many youth may not ever get a good-paying job, maybe they should protest that! Remember, if you don't stand for something, then you stand for nothing!

To look at the future you have to study the past. Read about other powerful countries of the past that have become anemic from their previous self when the people allowed the government or dictators to take over their lives in the name of security in exchange for their freedom. By the way, it seems to me that if you didn't vote, you don't have the right to complain! How close do you feel our country is to becoming a mockery of what it originally stood for? Maybe we should start displaying our flag, "Old Glory," upside down as it signifies that we are in distress!

Tim Masten