Letter: Here Come the Letters Pt. 2

I read with a little disgust of the November 12 panel discussion by the UT Commission for Blacks on how to keep African-American students from leaving Knoxville as soon as they graduate. [The Weekly Plan-It, Nov. 7, 2013] I'm sure I'm not the only one to see the problems with this panel discussion. First, let's change it just a bit. If we held a panel discussion by the UT Commission on WHITES on how to keep WHITE students, etc., we would be tarred and feathered, labeled ‘racists' and run out of town. Is there a UT Commission on WHITES? If not, why not? How about a Commission on Brownskin or Redskins? Would that not be the job of this so-called vice chancellor for DIVERSITY? Where's the DIVERSITY from an official standpoint? Why are the students leaving Knoxville, and how are you going to stop them? Finally, unless someone was born in Africa and then moved to the U.S., they are, simply… AMERICAN! Please stop this nonsense of hyphenated Americans and begin erasing segregation by coming together. Get rid of this nonsense of chancellor of diversity unless you want to perpetuate the racial divide that exists in this country.

Ed Thrift