Letter: Here Come the Letters Pt. 1

To the people who chose to stand on the side of Gay Street and fly the battle flag of the Confederate States of America at the Veteran's Day parade in downtown Knoxville, and especially to the ones dressed in Confederate uniforms: Your idiocy is an insult to all Americans, and insult especially to veterans, and most especially to combat veterans.

Are you blissfully unaware that you are flying the battle flag of an enemy republic that attacked the United States of America and caused the deaths and suffering of millions of people? Are you unaware that you are flying the battle flag of a defeated army and a defeated cause? Are you unaware that you are flying the battle flag of a traitorous, insurgent government that was bent on the destruction of the United States and the liberty that our Constitution provides?

I hate your ignorant pride and your arrogant stupidity. How dare you stand on the side of Gay Street and fly that defamatory flag in front of veterans who have fought to defend our liberty and our Constitution and in front of the people who love them?

How do you think people would feel if someone showed up at the Veterans' Day parade wearing an SS uniform and flying a German flag, snapping their palms in the air and shouting "Sieg Heil," or wearing a Japanese uniform and flying that country's flag? How about North Korea's flag? These are stupid, rhetorical questions, because any idiot can see the point. Such displays would be inordinately inappropriate and would likely serve up a nice ass-whooping for any daredevils who chose to offer such insults.

I don't want to see any replies to this letter with people talking about "honoring their Confederate relatives' sacrifices." I'm sick to death of hearing that crap. You didn't see anyone out there flying the flag of the USA with 17 or 18 stars in it and wearing Union blues, but it ain't because they don't feel a need to "honor their Union dead." Why do you think it should be any different with the flags and uniforms of the CSA?? The Confederacy was an insurgency against a legitimate government fought for and paid for by lives, limbs, and psyches of American revolutionaries. There IS NO HONOR IN ANYTHING CONFEDERATE and especially not in anyone who fought for the Confederacy. They were traitors who supported an ideology of economies of slavery.

If you had any honor now, you'd admit that your Confederate progenitors fought for an immoral cause and swear that you're glad they lost, then you'd burn your stupid Confederate paraphernalia and stop acting like fools. What's done is done. It's time to retire that flag permanently. The only appropriate flags to fly on Veteran's Day or any American patriotic holiday are state flags, flags of the U.S. Armed Services, and the Stars and Stripes.

Maybe we should all get together and have a big bonfire and gather to support you in your acts of contrition. We know it's hard, but your damnable ancestors lost and we're eternally grateful that they lost.

From now on, have the decency to keep your Confederate battle flags and flags of the CSA off the streets at parades honoring veterans of the United States of America's armed forces. Leave your "soldier play" and warped sense of patriotism on the re-enactment fields.

Lisa Huff