Letter: Have and Have-Nots

We HAVE an undereducated population that can't use critical thinking skills to decipher fact from fiction. We HAVE an unprofessional group of classroom teachers who clearly do not want to be judged by student performance. We HAVE parents with no real voice in curricular results and are emotionally tied to the concept of supporting public education, regardless of publicized academic score declines. We HAVE a business community that views its role as public school advocate, rather than demanding accountability.

So who speaks for us at the polls? We HAVE NOT a rational thinking majority to use reason and good judgment. We HAVE NOT a majority of educators who passionately believe in human potential. We HAVE NOT an informed parental group who knows the questions to ask regarding their child's progress. We HAVE NOT an organization of businessmen willing to share their expertise with government agencies.

But we do have social pressure to argue over the fairness of protecting voter fraud by the simple requirement of an ID card. But we do go into Assisted Living facilities to enable Alzheimer's residents suffering from dementia to cast their vote, leaving family members to wonder who tells them how to vote.

This is a strange America, no longer the one in which ideals were the dream, competence was the goal, and everyone wanted the best for themselves and others. It brings to mind a line from an old Jack Nicholson movie, A Few Good Men, when he shouted, "You can't handle the truth!"

Is this a new challenge for many Americans to fulfill their positions in the voting process, without mimicking the infamous three monkeys who "see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil"?

Show you can handle the truth, before you go to the polls.

Ask for the truth.

Know the truth.

Then vote!

Elizabeth Malm Clemens, M.Ed.


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