Letter: Happy 20th

Reading the 20th anniversary issue ["Metro Pulse: The First 20 Years," Aug. 25, 2011] reminded me all too much of my 20-year high school reunion—which I also skipped. In the run-up to it, I told myself I had nothing to contribute to it, go on, you kids have fun. Once it had passed, however, I found myself suffering an unexpected pang for the missed chance to revisit such a formative experience in the company of such dear people (most of them, anyway). The folks I worked with at Metro Pulse, and the work we did together, shaped me in ways that still manifest themselves regularly. I'm fortunate to call many of those folks my friends to this day, and grateful that the current editors will still return my e-mails. Happy 20th anniversary to Metro Pulse, and to all those who have helped make it possible.

Lee Gardner

Baltimore, Md.