Letter: Hail Martha

As a former resident of Knoxville (1993-1999) who loved and still misses that wonderful city, I so applaud Martha Boggs of Bistro at the Bijou for her bravery and for her integrity.

In 1994 I played Bobby the Gay upstairs neighbor in the production of Run For Your Wife, which was presented by Theatre Knoxville at the Bijou Theatre, and I spent a lot of time at the Bistro.

I also had the Masque Theatre which was part Aids Response Knoxville's HIV/AIDS prevention program. I always found Knoxville to be very gay-friendly and was shocked to read that Stacey Campfield had gotten himself elected.

At any rate, I applaud Martha and hope that other people pick up her message and send it on.

Michael Arve

Rochester, N.Y.