Letter: Hail to the Kees

I was tickled, well, blue, white, and red, when I saw the headline of this week's Metro Pulse, "Scene and Heard: High School Football" [Nov. 3, 2011].

I am not shy in saying, that I kind of skipped over East, West, North and went directly to South. And then, it happened, my heart sunk, where was my Kees?

I have been cheering for the Cherokees of South Doyle High School, where my son, Gurudev, plays trumpet in the SDHS marching band, since the season began.

It all started with a trip to the Drum Line Playoffs in Seymour at the end of the summer. Then it was the kickoff, the homecoming, the early morning pep rallies, and the cold October nights screaming, "DEFENSE - DEFENSE - DEE - DEE - DEE."

Well, our team did make it to the playoffs, and I have to say, I am thrilled, tickled, to think, that after 20 or so years of "OM - OM - OM-" I rather like to scream and shout again.

I would hope that the Pulse would be aware that SDHS, once a pretty local, country school, filled with the vibe of the ROTC, has become home to some cool city kids.

My son, along with all the other 80 kids in the marching band, and the football team, are devoted and die-hard when it comes to their school's team, and it is he, not me, who on most Friday mornings, is like, ‘C'mon, c'mon, it's almost 7 a.m., pep is in 20 minutes."

Wow. Now that's a change.

Ajeet Khalsa