Letter: Gritty Battle

While sitting at the Square Room on a Saturday evening taking in the sad songs of Mary Gauthier, I came up with a brilliant idea on what Knoxville needs next. I would like to see a wrestling match between Cafe 4 and Tupelo Honey Cafe.

The theme will be a shrimp and grits showdown to determine who has the best gourmet Southern cooking in town. Consider this a throw-down in the realm of a turf war. Each restaurant can choose one cook to dress in a shrimp outfit and the two contenders can maul it out for a long period of time in a ring decorated like a bowl of grits. This event can, of course, take place at Market Square—and do not think wrestling in the precious gathering place is tacky because it has been done before. I am sure Regal will be all over this idea and want total control.

Please, I beg you to imagine this scene in your head and press rewind to view it several times: A giant fake bowl of grits with two oversized shrimp duking it to determine who wins the territory. Cafe 4 is obviously the first on the block but Tupelo Honey is internationally known, so this battle will be for the integrity of Knoxville. The Scruffy Citizen has written a few words about Asheville in relation to Knoxville's growth and I think a wrestling match is the best way to truly give the ugly city a chance for recognition in the downtown revival movement that is sweeping this nation.

Joshua Lewis