Letter: Gray and Proud

I am a proud member of The Longstreet- Zollicoffer Camp #87 of The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV). My response to the writer of the letter "Security Threat Level Gray" [April 19, 2012] about Confederate sympathy [is that he's] really delusional on the subject. The Sons of the Confederate Veterans is about preserving history and the legacy of the citizen-soldier who fought for the Confederacy. We do this so future generations can understand the motives that animated the Southern Cause. The SCV is the direct heir of the United Confederate Veterans, and the oldest hereditary organization for male descendents of Confederate soldiers. Organized at Richmond, Va. in 1896, the SCV continues to serve as a historical, patriotic, non-political, and non-profit organization dedicated to insuring that a true history of the 1861-1865 period is preserved. We welcome visitors to our meetings—especially ones such as the writer of the comment. Also, I have a SCV license plate on my truck. Part of the cost of this tag goes to "Battle Flag" preservation.

Sam Forrester