Letter: Good Ol' Gender Bias?

This is a response to the KTSC removal of Ms. Gloria Ray—in short, why now does her salary and compensation come into question? The stories of this being leaked by ex-mayor Victor Ashe poses a serious question: Who put him up to this. If this was one of the Good Ol' White Boys making this kind of money, this would of been covered up like nobody's business. Seem to me that she has kept the Honda Hoot in Knoxville, that generates quite a large amount of revenue to the city, for quite a few years. [Ed. Note: Actually, the Honda Hoot was cancelled by American Honda in 2009; Knoxville did host the Honda Wing Ding last year—this year it will be in Fort Wayne, Ind.]

We need scrutinize any Good Ol' Boy candidate that [County Mayor Tim] Burchett nominates so that we don't replace her with one his cronies that more than likely will have a license to steal. We need to be careful and watch what will happen. If this was a white male, would this be happening at all?

Bruce Davis