Letter: Good Luck, Mr. Dooley!

Mr. Dooley is destined for something much more meaningful than coaching football. It is nearly impossible in this region to avoid all exposure to UT football, although a valiant effort is undertaken each fall by a maligned minority. Although I do not follow sports, I have not failed to notice a thoughtful-looking man, Mr. Dooley, in the midst of the football gladiators and rabid fans. Some may now agree in a mean-spirited way, which I do not intend, but I always thought he looked out of place in this setting. I visualize him as a shining public figure leading others in something way more important than football, such as politics or religion. If I could speak with him, I would encourage Mr. Dooley to not let haters or this setback get him down. Something much bigger is waiting for him! I dislike football, intensely, but would watch the TV if Mr. Dooley was on. He is that magnetic, and better things are in store for him!

Cindy McDaniel

Lenoir City