Letter: Freedom's Dirge

The most frightening and dangerous paragraph in the Obamacare article from Vol. 24, No. 12 was when Carl Wheeler said, "...regardless of who the president is, this is a law... We've got 435 members in Congress, and 100 people in the Senate—there's a whole lot of them I don't agree with, but I live within the laws they put on the books."

We are living under a system where the people we elected to represent us have forced us to buy something, whether we want it or not—even if it violates our conscience. If this Act is so wonderful, why are all the people who railroaded it through exempting themselves and their families from it? When in the course of human events, a small group of humans begin forcing other humans to accept without question laws that they decide to arbitrarily put in place while also releasing themselves from the obligation, the dirges for freedom can begin.

In the table of contents, the preview of the article asks, "So why are Knoxvillians shunning affordable insurance?" That's a pretty complex question with all the evidence mounting that the Affordable Care Act may not actually be affordable after all. There are many people, including myself, whose previous plans were more affordable by far. The narrow, exclusive assumption in the question greatly offends me.

There is evidence that many people's premiums have doubled and even tripled. The New York Times reported that the deductible on some of the approved plans is laughably exorbitant, so unless you're having a major surgery or extended hospital stay, you may as well have no insurance at all. As this scenario continues to play out, I predict the Affordable Care Act will prove to be simply not affordable for any of us.

John Oaks