Letter: Fostering Fear and Hate

Frank Cagle's latest article titled "Culture Warriors" [Feb. 23, 2012] seems like a case of journalist malpractice. Why would anyone want to read Mr. Cagle's opinion of his own opinion of what Mr. Rick Santorum stands for? Why not actually offer an opinion about Mr. Santorum's opinion? I suppose that would not be as inciting as the present piece is. The only purpose for distorting the facts can be to mislead the reader and to foster fear and hate. In a country that stands as a light to the nations for free and fair elections, this type of journalism seems to me to be tantamount to a betrayal of the sacred duty of a journalist.

Let's try to set the record straight. Mr. Rick Santorum has made the choice to not use contraceptives in his own life. In his public life he has never stood between a woman and her right to purchase contraceptives and there is zero indication that he would. Do we define access to contraception as meaning "free" contraceptives? The matter being discussed is a matter of economic liberty, this principle would apply to any federal government mandate forcing a person or a company to give away their product.

Regarding prenatal care for women, Mr. Santorum is discussing some of the tests given to discover any potential of defect of the child. The purpose of this early diagnosis is to allow the parents the choice of abortion, not to provide further care or offer healing. These tests have an incredible lack of accuracy and are the cause of much heartache and concern. Of course Rick Santorum desires every woman have good prenatal care for her health and the health of her baby and to say otherwise is a complete distortion of the facts.

As for the "yahoos arguing against contraception," I suggest Mr. Cagle and his brand of journalism is the yahoo trying to drum up a crisis where there is none. He is sowing the seeds of hate and fear against Catholics in an area of the country that has only recently come to peaceful relations. Catholics are taught that there can be no peace without justice and Rick Santorum as a faithful Catholic husband, father, and candidate for the Republican nomination, stands for liberty and justice for all.

Looking forward to a peaceful future,

Eileen Strong