Letter: Forest Adventure

Letter writer St. Thomas LeDoux ["The Majestic Cherokee," Oct. 3, 2012] sang the praises of the Cherokee National Forest, and invited habitual Great Smoky Mountains National Park visitors to venture into this national forest located right next door. Having frequently visited both over the years, I totally agree with this suggestion for wilderness lovers. The Cherokee National Forest boasts more square miles of land area than the Smokies, but receives only one-tenth of the visitors. Furthermore, the CNF offers virtually everything the national park has in terms of campgrounds, plant and animal species, waterfalls and streams, vistas and scenic splendor.

Mr. LeDoux's letter arrived just as woodlands across East Tennessee were exploding in their annual splash of fall colors. Visitors wishing to see such colors and encounter fewer RVs might consider opting for the road less traveled. To make such trips easier and more enjoyable, the non-profit Partners of the Cherokee National Forest are selling a family-friendly Cherokee National Forest "Adventure Map" showing how to reach major attractions and facilities. Call 423-476-9700 to purchase.

Gary Schneider

President, Partners of the Cherokee National Forest