Letter: Finding Solace

As a resident in the Bearden area, I have gotten to explore and enjoy multiple park systems in the last couple of years. ["Outdoors Wonderland," photo story by David Luttrell, May 16, 2013] The greenway on Third Creek is a nice stroll, Mead's and Ross quarries are also great places to escape to. Ijams Nature Center in general is just amazing for what it offers. I also went to the Outdoor Knox Fest and met with the 3 Rivers Angler owners and guides to get an idea of fly fishing around the area. What's so great about all these lush, green areas is that they are so conveniently close by.

Recently, I lost someone I deeply love in a relationship and I have retreated to the forests in search of healing and understanding. I roamed around the Imerys, Burnett, and Turnbuckle trails southwest of Mead's Quarry. I got to explore the Keyhole, which was astonishing given that the forest is slowly taking it over. I ended it at the Hayworth Trail where the protected bat caves are. These local resources have given me some solace in my heart to keep enjoying the wonders that are around us.

Curtis Glover