Letter: Far From Wealthy

After reading the article written by Holly Haworth regarding the MTB trails in South Knoxville, I must say that she is sorely uninformed about mountain biking and the mountain-biking community being wealthy, white, young males. Though I am a white male, I am far from wealthy, and most of the mountain bikers that I know or have ever ridden with are not wealthy nor are we elitists. As for the building of the South Knox trail system, most of the work done there was accomplished through volunteer man hours by the so-called elitist mountain bikers themselves. It should also be noted that mountain bike trails attract tourists, and tourists spend money at local businesses, thus stimulating the local economy and keeping and bringing more money into Knoxville. And as far as destruction of woodland and wildlife habitat, mountain-bike trails are constructed in a way that is low-impact and sustainable, and are much less intrusive on an environment than an asphalt path ever could be. So before you allow people to go spouting off about things, you may want to make sure they do at least a little research about the topic they have chosen to write about.

Johnny White

Jefferson City

Ed. Note: Letters to the Editor are not "articles" per se—we do not assign them nor do we print only the ones we agree with. We do refrain from printing letters that contain factual errors. Although Ms. Haworth's letter made some demographic assumptions, it was entirely her opinion.