Letter: Expanding Riverfront Access

Many thanks to Michael Haynes for stating the obvious in "Clang Went the Trolley" [Shot of Urban} in the June 13 Metro Pulse. When KAT held meetings about changing trolley routes, several of us attended and pointed out the obvious about the lack of trolley service along Neyland Drive. At the time such a route would have served: The Three Rivers Rambler, Calhoun's, Tennessee Riverboat Co., NavCal River Rides, Volunteer Landing Marina, Volunteer Princess Cruises, Ruth's Chris, and now Tennessee Boat Rest and Outdoor Knoxville. Parking is always a problem and a trolley could go a long way to easing the situation and bringing more dollars (taxes) to the City of Knoxville.

KAT budgets and equipment are certainly limited, but I believe Michael's idea about service [connecting Volunteer Landing, Market Square, and the Old City] is certainly worth considering. I would be happy to put together a detailed route suggestion as I did for the KAT trolley meetings. If anyone has any ideas about how we can make this happen, there are many businesses that would like to hear it.

Capt. John Farmer

NavCal Marine Services