Letter: Even More Scary Things Than the MPC

The whole MPC article was a fun-filled, fact-filled Tennessee textbook. Everyone should read it. ["Who's Afraid of the MPC?", cover story by Cari Wade Gervin, Jan. 10, 2013]

However, the "global domination" segment was the interesting part, since it seemed to be the best argument in support of the MPC, among those that condemn MPC.

In that section, what both Nelson and Marquardt are really fearing is uncontrolled development. "Stack 'em/pack 'em" isn't Communist, but the desire of developers and what the MPC is monitoring.

Nelson's "mind control" fears are real, too. You can see it as we wander around saying Money Good, Nature Bad. That's not the MPC. That is progress. Every financed politician will tell you that. And tell you also that Nelson's other fear, "dum-dum masses working in (elitist) factories," is best for our economy. Don't stand in the way of developers.

I also agree with Marquardt's fear of "unelected officials." But there are more unelected ones than the MPC.

It was the business leaders that wanted and got a 24/7 economy that gutted the Southern Sabbath day.

It was business and health-care insurance that crafted nicotine as an illegal, drug-tested substance, something banned not just at work but in your own living room.

And don't forget, the "guns in parking lot" bill isn't about parking lots opposing guns; it's you opposing your boss. The elected officials won't be there to protect your career.

There is so much to fear—especially without the MPC. I didn't even have to mention Agenda 21.

Larry Pennington