Letter: Even More Puzzling

Hey duderino (or duderiness), I have a small complaint and question about the Knoxword! Don't get me wrong, I love yall's crossword, and mad props to whoever writes it. Last time I tried to create my own crossword I went insane and started breaking my fingers until my aneurysms put me to sleep. The next time I did the Knoxword, all the text was extremely blurry. I called my nurse to make sure it wasn't just my failing eyesight, and sure enough, it was just the text! In all seriousness though, why is the crossword text blurry from time to time? It happens too frequently to ignore. Is it because it's one of the last things submitted? Is it because its the smallest text in the paper? Is my nurse in on the conspiracy? Or am I actually going insane?

Joseph "Where Am I" Hyrka


Art Director's Note: When exporting our files to PDF for the printer, often a greyscale file in the PDF will convert to CMYK on its own. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. We try to catch it when we can.