Letter: Ears of Tin

Apparently if Cari Wade Gervin was given a little more to introspection she could have answered a question posed about the Avett Brothers in the Spotlight column on page 49 of the October 6 Metro Pulse: "Why songs that seem mawkish to me are critically acclaimed by other, better qualified music journalists." Didn't stop for a second to consider that point any further, eh?

You're new to town; let me offer some advice. The next time one of the "four-guys-in-a-van-with-a-new-EP-out" bands rolls into Knoxville to play a Thursday night gig in front of 25 hipster music fans at one of the downtown venues, write the Spotlight for the Metro Pulse. Whether the band is good or bad or what they are doing at all isn't of consequence. It's undeniably the low minor leagues of the music business and would be the perfect band for an over-educated aspiring music journalist with a tin ear to introduce us to.

Scott Robbins