Letter: Don't Forget the Romans

After reading your article "How Gay Are We?" by Mike Gibson [June 21, 2012], I wanted to comment. I don't feel that Knoxville fits the high ranking that it was given. I did notice the reference to God and religion many times in the article. I thought it was ironic since today's modern society seems to ignore God and religion. Also, history repeats itself. No doubt this gay issue (and other issues) have been seen before throughout history. As I understand it, the Roman Empire had a very promiscuous society as we do today and look where it got them. When the pendulum of society swings too far one way, it then swings back the other way. Many say that our morals and values are waning. Well one day, the morals and values will return; however, it will probably be after a revolution of sorts. Maybe we as a society need to hate the sin and not hate the sinner as we have all sinned before God and to teach our children respect for one another, to be responsible and to be righteous. To give equal time... can you do an article on "How Straight Are We?" next?

Tim Masten